We select, curate and share important design objects


txt.ure is a brand that identifies lost fragments and narratives of Mexican design history, and expresses them through new works, with an emphasis on craftsmanship and preserving historical techniques. 


txt.ure is a curatorial endeavor that aims at attaining the highest quality through our expertise in design and focus on local craftsmanship. We revisit forgotten masterworks of popular design and update them for the contemporary user.  


We create a link between our past and our modern spaces, while rescuing and preserving the endangered manufacturing techniques that embody our products. We are passionate about empowering local communities and craftsmen through contemporary design methods.  

Work Ethic

We are currently designing a social interaction methodology to affect positively the life of artisans, who are our associates. We consider ourselves a collaborative design practice and conceive Design in itself is a vehicle for social transformation.

We believe at txt.ure that collaboration between design and craftsmanship promotes experimentation and innovation, which are necessary to the development of Mexican contemporary design. 

Our production plan improves the working conditions of the artisans, ensures the preservation of traditional techniques and, fosters the aesthetic sensibility of craftsmen and workers.