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Texts by Daniel Charny, Mario Ballesteros, Marcela Armas & Gilberto Esparza, Something & Son, José de la O, ATEA, MAKLab, Study O Portable, Lupe Toys, Coco LabGRAS Studio.
Designed by Tania Álvarez Zaldivar
Publisher Buró - Buró
With the support of the British Council

Passa ao Futuro, PT
- Curator / Advisor -
2017 - On going 

Passa ao Futuro, is a new non profit association / social entrepreneurship project linking designers to craftsman and artisans in Lisbon, Portugal.



Arsenal Contemporary, CAN
Cultural Diplomacy Platform | (CDP Bilateral Exchange Platform CAN-MX)
- Artistic Direction / Consultancy -
2017- On going 

The Cultural Diplomacy Platform –fostered by Arsenal Contemporary Art Center CAN, NY– is a temporary cultural exercise that will foment and celebrate the bilateral dialogue between Mexican and Canadian Contemporary Art cultural scenes.



Estudio Núcleo
Sabino 129
- Consultancy -

Research and conceptual proposal for a social interaction method / Project Concept - Moodboard for a mixed housing project located in Santa María la Ribera neighborhood in Mexico City.






Do, Flex, Test: Dialogues in Design Making
- Publication -

British Council Mexico and ADF have partnered with curator Regina Pozo and publishers Buró-Buró to produce a new publication mapping the design sector in the UK and Mexico in search of common denominators.

Do, Flex, Test - Dialogues in Design Making designed by Tania Alvarez Zaldivar presents the result of an incredible journey of mutual learning and discovery, and profiles a select group of contemporary designers and makers that are helping to shape the wider design sector in both countries. All of the UK contributions featured are linked, in one way or another, to the Maker Library Network, which will soon expand to Mexico, connecting Mexican designers and makers to the network as it expands.

The project was part of the Dual Year of UK and Mexico 2015, the biggest ever platform of UK cultural, academic and trade projects to take place across Mexico and an unprecedented showcase of Mexican culture in the United Kingdom.

Edited by Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio & Kristina Lee Podesva
Texts by Marwa Arsanios, Mariana Castillo Deball, Jorge Méndez Blake, Kristina Lee Podesva, Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio, Regina Pozo, Pia Rönicke & Sandra Rozental.
Translation: Gabriela Jauregui, Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio, Kristina Lee Podesva
Proofreading: Aurelia Cortés Peyron, Jaclyn Arndt, Gabriela Jauregui, Aline Bénard Padilla

Tradition vs. Modernity
- Publication -

This project was Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura’s first publication including collaborations by architects, visual artists, and anthropologists, as well as visiting and in-house curators. Tradition versus Modernity examines the legacy of Enrique del Moral, one of Mexico’s premier modern architects, through artist project commissions, critical texts, and an English translation of one of del Moral’s lectures. The project features original content from del Moral’s archive, whose estate is housed at the Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura in Mexico City.


Design by Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo, Mecky Reuss & Gustavo Arroyo
Jury: Paola Antonelli, Ambra Medda, Miquel Adrià, Joseph Grima and Catalina Corcuera

Archivo Pavilion
- Initiative -

The winning proposal of the inaugural competition launched by Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura for a temporary public pavilion materialises in a heap of terracotta vases with variable configurations, evoking domestic Mexican references and Luis Barragán's passion for gardens.

Pedro&Juana founders Ana Paula Ruíz Galindo and Mecky Reuss developed their pavilion proposal in collaboration with architect Gustavo Arroyo, who works in their studio.

This team presented an experimental solution that goes beyond mere architectural purpose, with a proposal featuring an integrated design.

Pedro&Juana's competition entry reflects on the young institution's nature as a space dedicated to collecting design in the form of an original plant pot, which – after the pavilion is built – may become a part of its permanent holdings. To produce this project, Pedro&Juana used direct domestic references to bring it to life.