ReginaPuma is also known by the alias of Dj Puma inside the Electronic Music scene.

ReginaPuma is also known by the alias of Dj Puma inside the Electronic Music scene.


Regina Pozo, known as Puma, is one of the most established DJs in Mexico City’s contemporary electronic music scene. Over the past twelve years she has touched every part of the industry: from her early work with Mutek Electronic Music Festival in Mexico; her collaborations with iconic labels like Kompakt and Cómeme; her role as one of the first Dj’s to write critically on New Mexican music; and her long-standing radio show on Ibero 90.9 FM (2009-2012), an independent platform called STUDIO, where Puma pioneered local and international electronic music programming for millions of Mexico City residents every week.

As one of the few curators of Mexican design, Puma has been integral in institutionalizing her country’s contemporary sonic traditions. Her transdisciplinary approach and fearless dedication to the emerging artists and authentic sounds of Mexico’s local scene make Puma a preeminent figure in Latin America’s contemporary landscape. 

As a Dj she has been invited to play throughout Mexico, and in Montreal, Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Venice and in New York. She has played for Mutek Electronic Music Festival, House of Vans, N.A.A.F.I; the legendary Panther Room in New York City and has been the most broadcasted Mexican Dj in Boiler Room streamings in Mexico City.

Her work as a curator, writer, and Dj has been featured in media such as the New York Times T Magazine or Vogue Mexico.  

Puma is now holding a residency for one of the most enjoyable and democratic parties in her burgeoning Mexico City, Sunday Sunday